12. März 2011

Eisenfunk - Duck and Cover

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Super Mario Bros. NEXTGEN AAA

Realistische Vertonung von Super Mario Bros. Wer braucht schon 8-Bit?


Commodore 64 Remixes -R-Type

One man and his ship - on a mission to save the Galaxy!

Barbarian Orchestral

music from Endrody Gabor (http://remix.kwed.org)
get the mp3 from http://www.remix64.com/tune_228100.html
orginal sid composed by Richard Joseph

Instant Remedy - Ocean Loader

Comic Bakery by Instant Remedy

Das vielleicht großartigste Stück von Instant Remedy.

Saitone - Smooth Criminal [8bit]

Rhythm Core Alpha: Lo-fi Johnny