26. November 2009


Alles fing schon viel viel früher an! Guitar God released in 1983!

Bard's Tale III

Come hear the tale of Skara Brae - A god returned to have his way!

8-Bit Rick Roll

Wenn der Rick Roller wieder mal zuschlägt! You got RICK ROLLED 8-Bit Style!

3. November 2009

8-bit Ryu Wood Sculpture

Wir basteln uns eine große, fette 8bit Ryu Figur aus Holz. Nice!

Nintendo Jazz Odyssey

8bit FREE Mario Brothers, Double Dragon and Zelda.

Michael Jackson "Thriller 8bit tribute mix" by Saitone

Hammer 8Bit Chiptune aus Tokyo. Da rockt die Bude!

The Adventures of Lil Cthulhu

Want a child-friendly way to introduce your little one to the traditions of the Old Cult? Meet little Cthulhu, who lives in the magic city of R'lyeh with all his friends....